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Support Options

Be sure to read through the options as there are several ways to support and get involved with the Pamosu Translation Project.

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Initialize Campaign
We are raising money for the hefty initial costs of the project. We need a stable, well-suited location to do the translation work. This campaign is primarily about building an office and home in Avevete.
Help get the Pamosu Translation Project on its feet.
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The Carwile Family
Jason & Brenda serve alongside the Pamosu speakers to effectuate the plans of the project. Any donations are processed by Wycliffe Bible Translators USA for use by the Carwile family.
Support the Carwile Family

Current Shortfall: $2873/month

Want or need to know more about how the money gets distributed if you give? Read this document to find out.

Budget percentage breakdown.docx

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The Pamosu Project
Donations to the project are used exclusively to further the goals of this Translation Project. This includes buying equipment like computers, phones, networking equipment, tools, solar panels, batteries, protective computer cases, and more. It provides for initiatives in the future and ongoing costs like travel expenses, education expenses for translators, software purchases, and more.
Support the Pamosu Translation Project
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Non-monetary options
There are other ways to support Bible Translation. Interested in supporting with a gift in kind?
Find out more about Gifts in Kind
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Non-standard ways of supporting
If you want to get involved by helping to promote this work, let us know. If you have other ideas for supporting the project like crypto, work projects, gifts for Pamosu translators, mission trips, etc. please contact us directly to discuss legal ways to pursue these options.
Contact us