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Project Needs
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Means of production

For a translation project this means computers, phones, power supply(solar panels, batteries, etc.), and more. Being in a remote location the turnover on these things is higher than you might expect, so it is a more constant need than we would like. We need partners who are willing to support the project on an ongoing basis.

A place to work

We're still in need of building a new house and office to sustain the program. This is more of a one-time need where once we have it, pre-supposing we can build something of quality, and take good care of it, it will last for many years to come.


We currently use a helicopter to travel between Avevete and Ukarumpa. This is an expensive means of transportation. An airstrip is not possible. There is a proposal for a helicopter upgrade you can pray for. Of course, supporting the project will increase our capacity to travel and interact with the Pamosu speakers.


We have plans to train our translators over the coming years. This, of course, takes resources to supply food, courses, and transportation.


We still need to set up reliable communications, namely internet, for our team. We have a rudimentary set up for them to e-mail us and to communicate, but it is just a phone plugged in to a usb car charger with a mobile hotspot active. We plan to set up more reliable communications in the future with a router, wifi access points, and satellite internet, provided the technologies currently being deployed around the world make it to Papua New Guinea or we find suitable alternatives.

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Make a measurable impact
There are multiple ways to provide for these needs.
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